Make new friends, connect with like-minded people, build your resumé, make a difference on campus or in the community—when you volunteer, your world gets a little bit bigger.

Doors open for volunteers. So, take that first step. Choose an event you want to support or a group on campus that shares your passion and offer to lend a hand.

Get involved. Get skills. Get recognized.

When you participate in outside-the-classroom activities you develop skills and gain experiences that make employers sit up and take notice. These activities all contribute to your student experience record (SER), a university-recognized document that captures your unique academic journey. Learn more about SER on MacEwanLife.

I’ve made great connections with other students who volunteer. We feel like we’re contributing to MacEwan, to our city and to our own academic and social growth.
A good fit

Mentor, organizer, tour guide, tutor, advocate, planner. We can help you find the volunteer opportunity that's right for you.


Our students give back