Two-bedroom Suite

In this suite, you and a roommate each have a large, private bedroom with individual locks. You share a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. Most residence rooms are two-bedroom suites.

What’s included

Internet icon Internet service
Lightbulb icon Electricity, heat & water
Double bed icon Double bed (54” x 80”)
Bedside table Bedside table
Closet organizer icon Closet organizer
workstation icon Workstation/Desk chair
bulletin board icon Bulletin board
window icon Window with roller shade
microwave Microwave
fridge freezer icon Fridge with freezer
stovetop icon Stovetop
table chairs icon Dining table & chairs
shower icon Bathroom/Shower
thermostat icon Adjustable thermostat
waste container icon Waste & recycling containers
laundry icon Laundry room access


Calculated per resident. Costs are subject to change.

Two-bedroom suite - 2021/22

Cost Residence Life Fee Total
4-month term $3,600 CAD $100 CAD $3,700 CAD
8-month term $6,200 CAD $200 CAD $6,400 CAD
12-month term $8,436 CAD $200 CAD $8,636 CAD

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Two-bedroom suites are not wheelchair accessible. Please check our Bachelor Suites.

Floor plan

35 m2/377 sq ft

Floor plan

Floor plans may vary.

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