Our members are an important part of the Sport and Wellness community. When you purchase a membership, you can take advantage of services, discounts and promotions. Membership has its benefits.

Your membership to Sport and Wellness includes:

  • Access to the pool, fitness centre, gymnasium and steam room
  • Free fitness and aquatic classes from our Value-Added series
  • Complimentary three-hour parking permit on each visit (excludes MacEwan students, staff and faculty)
  • Yearly guest passes
  • 10% discount on most registered programs, testing and personal or group training.
  • No contracts or cancellation fees
  • An option to put your membership on hold during the year.
MacEwan University students (enrolled in 1 or more credits/term and assessed the Sport and Wellness fee) are members and receive special discount pricing on most registered courses and programs. Parking and yearly guest passes are not included with student memberships.
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Student Memberships

A Sport and Wellness membership is included in mandatory term fees for MacEwan University students. A student spousal rate option is available. Contact us for details.


Membership rates

All prices include GST where applicable.

Membership* Monthly Payment (Approximate) Annual Payment
Adult** $61 $610
Older adult (55+)** $45 $450
MacEwan University employee $40 $400
Retirees of MacEwan University** $40 $400
Alumni** / alumni spouse** or employee spouse $45 $450
Corporate Adult*** $48.80 $488
Corporate Older Adult*** $36 $360
Youth (13-17) $41.50 $415
Child (2-12) $26.50 $265
Family (2 adults & 2 children)** $150 $1,500

*See terms of use.
**Includes parking, see below for details.
***Proof of employment is required to register. See Corporate Wellness for more details on corporate memberships. Includes parking, see below for details.


Completed waiver forms are required for all memberships. Download a waiver or pick one up at the Welcome Desk.

Refer a friend
Refer a friend for a membership at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness and get one free month added to your membership! Existing members, fill out the referral form and submit it to the Welcome Desk. Paper referral forms are available at the Welcome Desk as well.
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Prescription to Get Active
Edmonton and area PCN family physicians are now prescribing physical activity to assist patients with reducing their risks through the Prescription To Get Active program.
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Membership information

Member or Pass Cards

  • You need a Sport and Wellness membership card or pass or a valid MacEwan Student ID to enter the centre.
  • Please report lost/ stolen membership cards or passes to the Welcome Desk. Replacements are $10 (includes GST).

Terms of Use

  • Fees may be subject to minor increases.
  • No fees will be reimbursed for annual maintenance, special events, exams, cleaning, mechanical failure, emergencies or spontaneous closures of MacEwan University Sport and Wellness facilities.
  • Facility users must comply with all Rules and Regulations of the facility.
  • Users will not engage in the sale of merchandise, souvenirs, novelties, and the rental of equipment or in instructional practices in MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. Any advertising within the facility must first receive approval from the MacEwan University Sport and Wellness Marketing Manager.
  • The use of any camera or video recording device is strictly prohibited in any change room.
  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • All withdrawn/cancelled memberships are refunded a pro-rated amount of the payment from the date of withdrawal.
  • All cancellation/withdrawal requests must be received either in person or by email. No cancellations can be accepted over the phone.
  • Please provide your reason, full name, member number, address, phone number and birth date to ensure we cancel the correct membership.

Contact Us

Monthly payments are a convenient way to ensure your membership is paid for and current.

To use the monthly payment option, your credit card or bank account information must be on file with us. Please notify the Welcome Desk before the 2nd of the month should your payment information change. Monthly withdrawals will occur until you provide written notice to cancel your membership.

Parking at Sport and Wellness

Parking, for a maximum of three hours, once per day and on a first-come, first-served basis, is included in the cost of Adult, Older-Adult, Alumni, Alumni spouse, Retirees of MacEwan and Family Memberships.

Parking is not included in the cost of all other memberships, including:

  • MacEwan University students and student spouses
  • employees and employee spouses' memberships
  • program registrations
  • Value-Added classes
  • facility drop-ins or passes
  • assessments
  • aquatic certifications
  • one-off personal training sessions

Discounted parking is available for:

  • eligible fitness and aquatic course registrations
  • personal training

Please speak to welcome desk staff upon registration for information.

Please park in the designated parking area of Lot H only, north of the centre (105 Avenue at 108 Street). Do not park in the U lots (keyholes) directly outside the Sport and Wellness doors. Parking stalls for people with disabilities are available in Lot H. Failure to provide Sport and Wellness your license plate number may result in tagging or towing, which is the vehicle owner’s responsibility.

Parking is for eligible users/members only (while actively using the Sport and Wellness facility) and must not be shared. Parking access is impacted by freeze/medical hold requests and withdrawn memberships due to NSF, non-renewal, etc.

Any parking tickets received after your license plate information has been submitted to Sport and Wellness need to be brought to the attention of a Welcome Desk staff member immediately. All tickets are distributed by and reversed at the discretion of Parking Services.

You can freeze your membership for a minimum of 30 days and maximum of six months for free. There is a $20 fee for additional freezes.

  • For Annual memberships – one FREE freeze allowed per membership.
  • For Continuous monthly-paid memberships – one FREE freeze allowed within a consecutive 12-month period. Membership fee will not be assessed during the freeze period and fee withdrawal will automatically resume when the freeze is complete.

All freeze requests must be in writing and received by Welcome Desk staff before you wish the freeze to commence. Complete our form at the Welcome Desk or send an email to No freezes will be granted for time periods that have passed.

If you return earlier than planned, please speak with a staff member at the Welcome Desk to re-set your membership. To extend your freeze please contact the Welcome Desk (fees may be applied if the freeze extends beyond six months).

If you do not wish to return at the end of the freeze, it is your responsibility to cancel in writing. If you do not return after the freeze your membership will remain active; refunds are not provided due to lack of use of the facility.

You may put your membership on a free hold for medical reasons for a minimum of one month. A statement from your physician is required. We must receive written documentation of the hold within 30 days of the start of the hold.

Continuous monthly-paid memberships: Membership fees will not be assessed during the medical hold and will automatically resume when the hold ends.

To extend your medical hold please contact the Welcome Desk. If you do not return after the medical hold, your membership will remain active; refunds are not provided due to lack of use of the facility.

Unpaid membership fees resulting from insufficient funds (NSF), a closed account, declined credit card, etc., may result in the withdrawal of your membership. All outstanding payments are due immediately; a $40 NSF fee may be applied.

When you refer a friend for a membership at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness, you get one free month added to your existing Sport and Wellness membership!

Existing members, fill out this referral form and submit it to the Welcome Desk to receive your free month. Paper referral forms are available at the Welcome Desk as well.

The details

  • The friend you refer must be a new customer or a returning customer who has not had an active membership/pass in the last year
  • Referring member will receive a 30-day extension on their membership, to be applied by MacEwan University Sport and Wellness once the referred customer has had an active membership for two (2) months.
  • Referred customer must purchase within one month of referral date.
  • The incentive cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Adding time or family members to an existing membership does not qualify as a referral.
  • Sport and Wellness offers MacEwan University employee exclusive programs.
  • These programs include membership programs, fitness and aquatic classes, personal training and athletic therapy that are available for coverage through the Access to University Learning Activities funding.
  • Employees do not need to be a Sport and Wellness member to access these services.

Employee exclusives

Members receive four (4) guest passes each:

  • Membership (Annual memberships)
  • Year (Continuous monthly-paid memberships)
These allow you the opportunity to bring four guests for free over the year. Please ensure you accompany your guest. Guest passes have a one-year expiration and are automatically added to your account.

Discounted memberships are available — eligibility is verified in PeopleSoft at registration.

  • Small fitness items and sports equipment are available from the Welcome Desk with the exchange of an ID.
  • Equipment loans are for day use only and must be returned to get your ID back.
  • A $20 fee will be charged to retrieve your ID when the item has not been returned.
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