Research Reports

Each year the Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP) department conducts a series of surveys to gather information from current and former students as well as employers to inform planning and decision-making at the program, faculty/school and institutional levels.

This biannual cycle of surveys is managed carefully by IAP in an effort to improve response rates and reduce survey fatigue.

The Baccalaureate Survey reports on degree students’ demographic characteristics, satisfaction with educational experience, satisfaction with growth and development, satisfaction with services and resources, overall satisfaction, and plans following graduation.

Download the 2017 Baccalaureate Survey report

The Employer Survey analyzes data gathered from employers identified by MacEwan University graduates regarding importance of specific skill areas, MacEwan University graduates' level of preparation in specific skill areas, comparison of MacEwan University graduates to graduates of similar programs at other post-secondary institutions and employers' preference of program/institution graduates when hiring.

Download the 2020 Employer Survey

The Graduate Survey analyzes MacEwan University graduate data regarding labour force participation, employment rates, starting salaries, and continuing education status.

Download the 2019 Graduate Survey

This survey gathers information on first-year students’ demographics, motivation, concerns, and preparation, satisfaction with academic and student services, and general impressions and outcomes.

Download the 2018 New Student Experience Survey

The Student Satisfaction Report highlights career program students’ educational experience, program completion benefits, and satisfaction with MacEwan University facilities and services.

Download the 2018 Student Satisfaction Report

The success of University Transfer program is carefully monitored via the University Transfer Follow-up Report which measures current status of students who left their University transfer or baccalaureate program, transfer rates, student satisfaction with various aspects of their programs and services and resources at MacEwan University.

Download the 2020 University Transfer Follow-up Report