MacEwan University establishes academic, administrative and governance policy documents to advance the University’s mission, core values and strategic direction; promote operational efficiency and effectiveness; mitigate or manage institutional risk; comply with University, legal, regulatory and other requirements; set behavioural expectations across the University community; and communicate roles and responsibilities.

The university’s Policy Document Framework centralizes the oversight and coordination of policy document development and approval within the university and sets out roles, responsibilities and procedures associated with policy document development, review and approval.

General Faculties Council is responsible for the review and final approval of proposed academic policies. The Board of Governors is responsible for the review and final approval of proposed administrative and governance policies.

Policies open for feedback

Review a list of policies that are currently open for feedback and give us your feedback before the final approval stage of an important policy.

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Recent Policy Changes

Policy Change Effective date
Facilities Operations and Maitenance Policy Revised May 7, 2024
Credentials Policy Revised April 15, 2024
Graduation Procedure Revised April 15, 2024
Grading Policy Revised April 15, 2024
Repeating Credit Courses Policy Revised April 15, 2024
Subsequent Credentials Procedure New September 1, 2024
Contract Signing Authority Procedure Revised February 27, 2024
Required English Course Policy Revised February 12, 2024
Establishing University Policy Documents Policy Revised December 7, 2023
Safe Disclosure Policy Revised November 8, 2023
Safe Disclosure Reporting Procedure Revised November 8, 2023
Academic Standing Policy Revised November 6, 2023
Employee Accommodation Procedure Revised October 20, 2023
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