Building on your previous diploma or degree, the Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration consists of theory courses and two directed field studies.

The curriculum includes theory in administration, with an emphasis on leadership, supervision and management. Studies include human, financial and physical resource management, managing change, communication, community-based practice, research practices and trend and issue analysis.

What to expect

Assignments are practical in nature and generally involve the application of theory to your workplace.

Courses are delivered using technology that creates a virtual community of learners and supports student success. Our courses are not self-paced correspondence courses; rather, all students in a course progress through material at the same time.

Plan to log on two to three times per week to take part in an informed conversation on a discussion topic. You can expect to allocate 8 to 10 hours per week for each course to do the readings and take part in discussions.

Study options

This online program is designed to provide you with the flexibility to balance studies with professional and family responsibilities. Study full-time or part-time. You have up to six years to complete the program or you can complete it in as little as three years.

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
Academic Calendar