The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) at MacEwan University has been designed for exceptional flexibility and customization. Complete a major and a minor, a double major, or a major and a double minor.

We know how important a flexible schedule can be. That’s why the Bachelor of Commerce program provides you with full-time or part-time options and offers some online courses to complement our classroom offerings.

Core requirements

In the first two years of MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Commerce program, you learn fundamental business knowledge, with courses exploring essential topics such as macroeconomics, marketing fundamentals, introductory accounting, analysis and argument and financial math.

Primary major

For the remaining two years, you specialize in an area of interest through your major. Majors include required courses and options, which vary depending on the major you choose. Co-operative education streams are offered within each of the majors.

Majors and minors

Elective requirements

Options and electives are an important component of your third and fourth years, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests and aspirations. You are required to complete three types of electives:

Business electives

Business electives are business courses outside core requirements or your primary major requirements. Business electives can be used to broaden your general business knowledge or to develop an additional area of emphasis. You might also use your business electives to explore career possibilities. You must complete 6 credits of business electives.

Non-business electives

Non-business electives are courses that are outside the School of Business. These electives make up the general education component of the degree. You may choose any baccalaureate-level course from outside the School of Business which is not a core requirement or a requirement of your primary major. You must complete 15-21 credits of non-business electives.

Open electives

Open electives can be business or non-business electives. These electives give you the chance to shape your degree. You must complete 9-15 credits of open electives.

Courses can be used both to satisfy the elective and placed in your major(s), minor(s) and options.

Minor(s) or second major

You have the option of completing one or two minors, or a second major from the Bachelor of Commerce, provided you can satisfy your requirements for business, non-business and open electives with that same coursework. A minor or second major is not a graduation requirement.

Majors and minors

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
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