In the Bachelor of Communication Studies program, you can choose to major in journalism or professional communication. Your degree prepares you for a strategic role in business, traditional and new media, not-for-profit and public sector organizations—wherever clear, correct and effective messages are valued.

To meet program requirements, you complete core courses, breadth requirements and specialized coursework in your major.

Core courses

Years one and two include coursework that is common to both professional communication and journalism. The core builds a foundation in rhetoric, language and composition, visual communication, communication theory and research methods. Year three of the program includes an ethical practice and portfolio course, followed by a professional field placement. You conclude year four with skills, experience and practical proof of your communication competency.

Breadth requirements

Breadth requirements for your degree broaden your horizons and extend your knowledge. Courses in humanities, social sciences, sciences and fine art or performing arts give you a grounding in different fields of study to complement your major.