Become a 21st-century designer. Learn to explore a problem, understand people’s needs and behaviours and craft solutions that persuade, inform, motivate or entertain. In this degree, you are introduced to new ways of seeing and thinking about design.

Through a balance of practice-based, hands-on research and theory-driven coursework, you learn to solve communication problems through effective design. You can focus on visual communication design or digital experience design or create a pathway that suits your interests.



Walk through our doors and feel a new kind of energy, a sense of opportunity and your future taking shape. It’s time to step into greatness—on your terms.

Step into greatness

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What does it mean to be a 21st-century designer?

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Engaging, practical solutions
Study here and design projects that attract future employers and help make the world a better place.
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Fill your days with art and light
Multi-media editing and production suites; state-of-the-art photo studios; user-experience labs—we provide the room, tools and guidance you need to make your design ideas come to life. There's no better place to prepare for a career in design.
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