In the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), you learn by doing. Studio classes, labs and classroom learning are designed to develop your capacity to become a reflective practitioner, a critical thinker and a skilled creator. You build your expertise over the four-year period of studies.

Your degree is composed of common core courses, requirements for your major discipline and courses for breadth of study.

Common core courses

Required interdisciplinary courses ensure you graduate with a broad and robust view of the arts and society. All students take these two courses:

  • INTA 210: The Arts in Culture
  • INTA 362: First Peoples and the Arts

Requirements for your major

The four-year degree gives you the time to delve deeply into your chosen discipline.

Breadth of study

Breadth requirements for your degree are designed to broaden your horizons and extend your knowledge. No matter your major, you take arts and cultural management courses that enhance your entrepreneurial and management education, ensuring you have the skills you need to create your own career opportunities. As well, the BFA has a dual focus on depth of knowledge in at least one arts discipline, alongside foundational knowledge in at least one other fine arts practice. Optional courses in the disciplines of arts, science and business provide a grounding in different fields of study.

Study options

All four majors within this degree will be delivered face-to-face at MacEwan University’s new Allard Hall, part of the University’s campus in downtown Edmonton. 

For the Arts and Cultural Management major, if you start with online studies, to continue with the degree, in your third and fourth year you will likely be able to complete it online or you can attend classes in person at MacEwan University in Edmonton.