This major is an in-depth study of composition, film scoring, songwriting, arranging and orchestration.

What to expect

In the Composition Major, you focus on the art of writing music and lyrics. You study techniques in melody, harmony, rhythm and arrangement, as well as setting lyrics to melody. You also focus on aural and sight-reading skills and take courses on trends in 20th-century composition, film scoring, orchestration and the business of music. This route includes performance ensembles, courses in music career management and cultural studies as well as options in music technology.

When you complete this major, you will have the skills to create pieces in a variety of styles and genres, perform in workshop settings and public recitals, and use industry standard music software to create artistic and commercial works.

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
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