You begin the degree as a general, undeclared Bachelor of Science student and then—usually in your second year—you declare your primary major and your secondary major or minor(s). You can re-declare if you change your mind.

There is significant crossover between disciplines in the science degree—explore several before you decide. Each discipline has a dedicated faculty member who can advise you about required courses, the discipline's career potential and additional opportunities offered by the department.

Science majors

You may choose your major from the following disciplines.


Choose your minor(s) from any of the following arts and science disciplines. You may choose only one out-of-faculty minor.

Science minors

Arts minors

Out-of-faculty minors

If you choose an out-of-faculty minor, be aware that you cannot use courses from outside the faculty to fulfill any option requirements for your degree. Out-of-faculty minors are offered in: