The University Preparation program helps students improve their high school grades to become more competitive or admissible in applying to Canadian post-secondary programs. Students will get a personalized assessment of their current academic standing and a customized education plan.

Our courses are equivalent to Alberta Education courses and are accepted for admission purposes by all post-secondary institutions within Alberta and Canada.


To find individual course descriptions and the prerequisites for each course, check MacEwan University's Academic Calendar. Not all courses are available each term. All course offerings are dependent on minimum enrolment.

Course # Course Name
BIOL 020 Biology 20
BIOL 030 Biology 30
CHEM 020 Chemistry 20
CHEM 030 Chemistry 30
CMSK 011 Computers Level I
CMSK 015 Computers Level I
ENGL 020-1 English 20-1
ENGL 020-2 English 20-2
ENGL 030-1 English 30-1
ENGL 030-2 English 30-2
MATH 010R Mathematics 10 Preparation
MATH 010C Mathematics 10 Common
MATH 020-1 Mathematics 20-1
MATH 020-2 Mathematics 20-2
MATH 030-1 Mathematics 30-1
MATH 030-2 Mathematics 30-2
MATH 031 Mathematics 31
PHYS 020 Physics 20
PHYS 030 Physics 30
SCIE 010 Science 10
SCIE 030 Science 30
SOST 020 Social Studies 20-1
SOST 030 Social Studies 30-1



Classes are 80 minutes long and typically scheduled in-person on campus everyday Monday to Friday for 14 weeks. Some online synchronous and evening class sections are available.

You can view class availability in the Manage Classes tile in myStudentSystem or by using the schedule planner tool. We encourage you to enrol early to secure the most desirable times.


Fall term (September – December)
Winter term (January – April)
Spring/Summer term (May – July)


A prerequisite is a preliminary requirement, normally the completion of another course, usually with a minimum grade of D, which must be met before a course can be taken. For example, the prerequisite for CHEM 30 is CHEM 20.

Note: Current MacEwan University students who need to upgrade a prerequisite must contact the office to enrol. Special permission is required from an advisor and enrolment is based on seat availability.

English Language Proficiency

If you are missing or require improvement for your English Language Proficiency (ELP) for competitive post-secondary programming, or to re-enter the workforce in Canada please visit our English as an Additional Language program.