MacEwan University's School of Business has received international accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

This recognition from a globally recognized accreditation body for business schools creates a strategic advantage for the School of Business and further validates the quality of its programs.

“EFMD accreditation puts the MacEwan School of Business in an elite category of business schools," says Dr. Craig Monk, provost & vice-president, Academic. "I look forward to seeing how the School of Business uses EFMD accreditation to move forward in its innovative delivery of a first-class undergraduate business school education."

The accreditation is vital to the School of Business's internationalization efforts, which enhance the school's international profile and visibility.

“Internationalization is not only a great lever of growth," says Dr. Ali Taleb, associate professor and interim associate dean, Research, International and Outreach. "Interacting with international students helps enrich the overall learning experience of our students by bringing new ways of thinking and engagement to the classroom. This also fosters the development of a global mindset that is critical to functioning in today’s global business world."

As part of the EFMD Accredited Business Schools, the School of Business has even greater access to a pool of high-quality and like-minded institutions, paving the way for future partnerships.

Students in the School of Business will benefit from world-class training and learning experiences that are in line with global best practices from international education leaders. The accreditation is also evidence of the value and quality of education that students receive from MacEwan. 

“Accreditation means that our students are not only getting the core discipline knowledge, but also the durable skills required to be successful in today’s complex business world," says Dr. Taleb. "Our students can develop the global mindset and sense of accountability necessary to meaningfully shape the world around them.”

The accreditation marks a great milestone for everyone in the School of Business and at MacEwan, adds Dr. Taleb and Dr. Craig Kuziemsky, who credits staff and faculty members for their dedication and hard work in helping to make this possible.

“Achieving EFMD accreditation took many years of hard work, and I am grateful for the current and past faculty, staff and leadership that persistently kept up the momentum for pursuing accreditation," says Dr. Kuziemsky, interim dean of the School of Business. "I was thrilled to get the phone call from EFMD telling us we had received accreditation. It’s important for us to celebrate this achievement but also to remember that the pursuit of excellence is a journey and not a destination. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and I know we’re up to the task."

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