We’re incredibly proud of the more than 2,200 people who earned the privilege of walking across the stage at the university’s Spring Convocation ceremonies on June 21, 22 and 23 at the Winspear Centre, including 635 from the School of Business. We’re thrilled to be able to tell some of their stories.

Here, Class of 2022 members from the School of Business reflect on valuable lessons learned, tell us why they love what they do, share stand-out moments from their time at MacEwan and look to the future.

Hamd-E-Rabbee Abbasi

Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain Management

I started my post-secondary education studying animation, but after a year, I applied to MacEwan’s supply chain management program. It was a quick decision only a couple of weeks before the semester started, but I had two relatives in supply chain roles who shared their experiences, so I decided to try it. Finishing my degree and finding a job to support my family was a driving force that kept me focused.

So the defining moment during my program was probably joining the co-op program and being persistent in finding a co-op position. I built a resume, prepared for interviews, found co-op jobs, focused on building a career and graduated with 16 months of professional, hands-on work experience in the private and public sectors. 

I worked doing inventory planning and business analysis in one co-op placement and as a buyer in another. I worked with data in both of those jobs and found it intriguing. Around the same time, I discovered that MacEwan had introduced a Business Intelligence minor. I wasn’t far from graduation, so I couldn’t finish the entire minor, but I did take two of the five courses. 

I’m now working full-time and plan to take more courses so I can eventually transition to business intelligence/data analysis.

Mydhel Ebora

Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting
Dean’s Medal 

If I’m honest, accounting was not my first choice. I decided to take it because my uncle and aunt, both accountants, told me that it is a great career. I took almost two-and-a-half years of college majoring in accounting in the Philippines before I had to drop out due to physical and mental health reasons. During the months when I was recovering and waiting to see what would come next, I realized how much I took education for granted. I realized I genuinely wanted to learn and grow. 

So when I started taking university preparation classes at MacEwan, I stopped before going into the building for my first-ever class. I told myself to focus on studying to learn and not just getting high grades. I still had many insecurities and doubts –  including my English skills – but a wonderful instructor believed in me. I’m very shy, but her kind words made me start participating in class and even initiating discussions. She made me start to believe that I could make it out of university alive and maybe even have fun.

Accounting may not have been first on my list, but I decided to stay because it’s a lot like solving puzzles. It’s frustrating during the process but very fulfilling in the end when everything fits together and balances. I will be working as an auditor for one of the big four accounting firms and plan on pursuing my CPA while working. I hope to one day become a mentor and show students how fun and fulfilling accounting can be.

Reema Elamasy

Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources

The person I am today is nowhere near the person I was when I began my studies. Although my ambitions to become an HR manager never changed, my attitude and confidence throughout the years certainly have. The experiences and knowledge I gained at MacEwan led me to become the confident and independent woman I have always wanted to be. 

Socializing is a passion of mine. Getting to know people, helping, and assisting them to build their way up to reach their goals is what I aspired to be doing in the future and human resources felt like the perfect choice.  

I moved to Canada in 2013 and began my post-secondary studies in 2017. Even after four years, I still at times felt like I was out of place and couldn’t reach the standards I aimed for. MacEwan provides an immense and incredible amount of support for its students, and the help I received was exceptional. Even so, I would have to say that my family has been my number one support system throughout my years of studies. Whenever I doubted myself, they were always there to push me to work harder and reach the point I aimed for.

Today, I am working towards receiving my CPHR certificate and am holding a full-time position at a well-known company worldwide. I am looking into getting my masters in future as I am working to get more experience in the field before taking this big step.

Catherine Hawkins

Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

I come from a family of people who studied accounting – my mom, uncle and oldest sister. From a young age, I’ve seen how they are respected and known for their integrity and ethics and I have been blessed to have amazing people who have developed my affinity toward education.

When I started at MacEwan, I didn’t know anyone. I was terrified, but it was mixed with excitement. Would I make friends? Would I be able to finish my degree? I’m happy to say that I was able to do both. A few of my acquaintances from my program became friends, and we have a similar mindset and career trajectory. We share our troubles, happiness and supper with one another. Looking back now, I would describe my experience at MacEwan as remarkable. 

I love that my accounting degree gives me the skills to analyze and understand data. I’m working now, but after convocation, I plan to take a break from school for the summer and travel. I am considering continuing my education and hope to get my CPA designation in the near future.

Haris Khan

Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing

I started my university career as a science student, but it wasn't the right fit for me, so I decided to try business. I enjoyed my general business classes and found my marketing courses to be the most engaging and interesting. I loved the communication and development aspects of marketing – trying to help businesses grow and reach bigger audiences. That requires strong and effective communication skills, which I have gained in my commerce program.

But back in my first year, I had great difficulty writing essays. One of the important lessons I learned from my time at MacEwan is to try and constantly better yourself by learning and utilizing the facilities and resources around you. So I asked a business professor for criticism on a paper I had written. His critique led to a vast improvement in my work and I used that advice on all of my papers moving forward. It gave me the confidence to succeed as a university student.

Now I am looking forward to starting a career in digital marketing and am excited to be a part of a new and rapidly developing industry. My time at MacEwan has helped shape me into a strong marketing professional – and a better person. I hope to contribute my time, talent and strong work ethic to the digital marketing industry and hope to work with amazing and hard-working people, the same as I did with my MacEwan professors and peers.

Joel Morales

Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

I can't believe I was able to finish my Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting. It was seven years in the making.

I am one of many foreign workers who came to Canada way back in 2012 from the Philippines. I left my family, friends and home country because I believed working abroad would give us a better opportunity. 

When I got my permanent residency in 2014, I decided to go to university and chose MacEwan. At first, my everyday expenses like rent, books and basic needs made me doubt if I could finish my schooling – Canada is an expensive place to study. However, the passion for learning and meeting new friends and teachers was the only thing I was looking forward to. I knew that having a university degree would help me to have social mobility. That was my motivation. 

In the afternoons, I worked as a food server, housekeeper and dishwasher at the Grey Nuns Hospital. It wasn't easy to be a working student, but I learned how to strategize my study habits. On weekends while doing my dishwashing job, I listened to voice recordings of our lessons on my headset and memorized terminology and formulas. In the evenings, I focused on finishing assignments and group projects.  

I will not say that I am an "A " student, but I know that I am hard-working. When I felt like quitting because of exams, work, and mental and physical exhaustion, I always told myself, “All is well.” And suddenly, it was. I reached my goal of having an accounting degree. I will never forget this experience.

Alysha Musani

Library and Information Technology Diploma
Dean’s Medal 

I have degrees in both English and education, so books and learning have always been a huge part of my life, but library sciences combines my passion for literacy and lifelong learning in a way nothing else quite does. 

I’ve changed careers a few times already in my life, and I was so worried I wouldn’t love my program as much as I imagined I would. But each day at MacEwan really enforced that this was what I was meant to do – that I really belonged in the program and the field. It just feels right. One day, I think it was after a particularly good class discussion, I was talking to my partner about what we had talked about in class that day, and I realized just how passionately I feel about it all. Everything sort of clicked. This is more than a career for me. This is my purpose.

I have a job right now in an Edmonton area library where I worked last summer too, and I'm enjoying every second of it. I’m not ruling out the possibility of going back for my master’s at some point down the road, but I'm very content with where I am in my life and career. I’m going to focus on enjoying my career and doing what I love.

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