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Healthy Relationships Week is all about cultivating thriving connections and preventing relationship violence.

Events typically run in February to help people deepen their understanding and gain new skills for building healthy, caring relationships and communities.

What we did in 2023

People were invited to visit the Heathy Relationships Week booth in Griffins’ Landing to make a Valentine’s Day card, learn about healthy relationships, and spin a trivia wheel to win a prize. The event was presented by the Peer Health Education Team (PHET) and the MacEwan Anti-Violence Education Network (MAVEN).

The Relationship Skills Lab included a series of short, interactive learning activities that helped people level up their relationship skills. In the lab, people learned from each other, asked questions, and built relationship skills together. The bite-size sessions explored topics such as dealing with rejection, setting boundaries, apologizing, and managing conflict. Participants left with tangible skills and tools for building healthy, satisfying relationships. People also had opportunities to nurture their communication center with peers through a game of Cards to the Heart, a gentle approach to breaking the ice. SAMU’s Breakfast Club provided breakfast each morning and snacks throughout the day.

Adam Erasmus shared his personal journey to self-awareness, acceptance and healing with the MacEwan community. Adam was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. His journey as a father, trail runner and ironworker took him to many parts of Canada. In October 2020, Adam's path broadened to embrace his sweetgrass path. He has since been exploring his culture through traditional ceremony. He continues to strive for connection with and within his community through acts of service and mindful movement. 

2SLGBTQ+ students were invited to make a cup of tea and have a directed conversation to connect with themselves and each other. Cards to the Heart were used as conversation prompts. These questions were asked:

  1. How do we connect with ourselves?
  2. How do we build community and healthier relationships through sharing?