Perform locally. Take your studies to the next level by pursuing a graduate degree. Pursue a full-time career as a performer, composer or recording engineer. For many of our graduates, the Bachelor of Music program is a first step toward a life-long commitment to the music industry.

Apply your skills in any job

Nobody can work in a team the way a musician can. Or meet deadlines. Or come up with a creative, improvised response to a complicated situation. As a musician, you know how to lead and how to listen. You're comfortable using technology in a variety of scenarios. You regularly organize groups of people and communicate clear goals and deadlines to them. These skills make you a sought-after employee, no matter where your career path takes you. Your Bachelor of Music prepares you to impress employers in any field.

Take your place in the music industry

Through breadth of study and areas of specialty, your Bachelor of Music degree provides you with a knowledge base that you can apply to a wide range of careers in the contemporary music marketplace. Our alumni work as:

  • Performers—soloists, accompanists, ensemble musicians
  • Composers, arrangers, orchestrators 
  • Music directors, conductors
  • Music academics (historians, education specialists, musicologists)
  • Private and classroom teachers
  • Acoustical engineers, consultants, contractors
  • Sound designers
  • Music therapists
  • Recording engineers, producers, distributors and retailers
  • Recording technicians, in areas such as media manufacturing, mastering and recording
  • Recording and rehearsal studio managers and technicians

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) hosts detailed occupational profiles, salary survey data, trend reports and assessment tools to help you choose and plan a career that matches your skills and interests.

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Further study

In our program, you work closely with faculty who are internationally renowned, award-winning researchers and leaders in the contemporary music industry. They prepare you not only for a career in music, but also for further academic pursuits. You leave the program with the skills, training and musical literacy you need to continue your studies at the graduate level.

Take credit for your work

All courses completed in this program are credit courses and may be transferable toward further study at post-secondary institutions in Alberta.