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Have you been offered admission and accepted your seat in a program OR are you a current program student? Academic advisors in your faculty or school provide support to you throughout your program.

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Faculty/School Advising

Program planning

The academic advisor for your program has prepared information specific to the Bachelor of Psychiatirc Nursing for you to use to manage your courses and workload.

There is some flexibility in sequencing of the program courses, provided that specified pre- and co-requisites are met. The core HLST and PNRS program courses are accessible within the fall and winter terms. NURS 341, electives and options can be completed in either the fall, winter or spring/summer term. The program’s University Advisor is available to assist with program planning.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

You must ensure you meet the course prerequisite and co-requisite requirements before enrolling in courses. Requisites are listed with each course description in the  Academic Calendar. You must achieve a minimum grade of C- in order to use a course for credit in the degree.

Academic Calendar

If you have taken post-secondary courses previously, some of those credits may qualify for transfer to this program.

Transfer credit assessment

The process for assessing transfer credit varies depending on where you took your courses. In all cases, your first step is to apply to the program. Transfer credit will only be assessed after you have been accepted.

Learn more about transfer credit assessment

Placement of your transfer credit

After your transfer credit has been evaluated and if you have questions about the assessment of the courses, book an appointment with an advisor. They can help you understand how the credits work towards your degree requirements.

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Step-by-step process

The getting started guide will help you understand course descriptions, prerequisites and other common vocabulary and processes you need as you select and enrol in your courses.

Getting Started


You will enrol yourself in courses using myStudentSystem. To learn how, check out the guide.

Using myStudentSystem

The program's PNRS and HLST courses are available only through MacEwan University.

If you wish to take an elective, option or course equivalent to NURS 341 through another institution, you must first request permission by completing a Visiting Student Application.

Contact your advisor for specific procedures before you enrol in a course at another institution. In accordance with MacEwan University's External Course Taking Policy, written permission is required prior to enrolling in a course at another post-secondary institution, in order for transfer credit to be awarded once the course is successfully completed.

It is very important to keep to keep track of your progress in the degree and to monitor your academic standing.

GPA & Academic Standing

The academic standing of all students is evaluated at the end of each term. You must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to be considered in Good Academic Standing. Students whose GPA falls below 2.0 may either be placed on Academic Probation or be Required to Withdraw.

Learn more about academic standing and grades

Full time or part time

The Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing can be completed through either full-time or part-time studies. The program of study distributes the 14 required program courses (core courses, electives and options) over three 15-week terms. Thus a learner who wishes to complete the program through full-time studies could complete the entire program in 1.5 years.

Students who choose to undertake the program through part-time studies must plan for completion of the program within five (5) years of program commencement.

Program interruptions

It is important to avoid lengthy interruptions in studies. As noted in MacEwan University’s Academic Calendar, students who were registered in a program, and who have taken a break in their studies of twelve (12) months or more are required to apply for re-admission to their program, pay the appropriate fee, and meet the admission and graduation requirements in effect at that time.

Academic support services

Get extra help when you need it. Whatever you choose to study, we have the learning spaces and academic supports you need to succeed.

Additional advising

Advisors are available to support you at different stages of your university experience.


Depending on your academic needs, these areas provide consultation, sessions and information related to course content. 

Technology and online learning

Is technology causing you problems? Are you struggling to figure out how to access or fully participate in your online courses? Help is close at hand. 

Equity, diversity, inclusion

A supportive environment contributes to success in the classroom. These offices are committed to supporting an equitable, diverse and inclusive campus experience for all students.

Office of the University Registrar

For help accessing student records, using MyStudentSystem, and learning about tuition and fees, visit the Office of the University Registrar.

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