Once your application for admission has been accepted, advisors in your program can help you understand courses, prerequisites, university policies and procedures and how to take advantage of academic support services across campus.

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General student information

The Getting Started guide includes general information for all new students including details about the student portal, email, requesting learning accommodations, planning your finances and paying your fees.

You have applied to Open Studies and you are enrolled in the classes you want. We want to ensure that you are successful in your studies, so we have prepared a list of things you will need to know.

You are responsible for checking and adhering to all posted dates/deadlines and university policies.

Dates and deadlines 

The Academic Schedule lists all the important dates and deadlines for the coming academic year including when classes start, tuition deadlines, add/drop deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, and exam periods.

University policies 

You must check the University Policies that affect your courses including the Academic Standing (C2070), Student Rights and Responsibilities (E3101), Grading (C2020), and Course Repeat (C1035) policies.

Academic Calendar

The authoritative source for official course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to MacEwan University students is the Academic Calendar.

Payment deadlines

You must pay your tuition and applicable fees by the deadline each term.

If you are withdrawn for non-payment, you will need to contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Find out what you owe

Tuition fees are assessed by credit. Your amount owing will be listed in myStudentSystem once you enrol in courses. If you adjust your enrolment, changes to your account balance will be updated overnight. Make sure you check myStudentSystem the next day to verify the amount you owe.

Make a payment

There are several ways to make a payment.

You are automatically assigned a student GMail email account when you apply to Open Studies. It is crucial that you check this account regularly. Official announcements about your courses will be sent to this account only. According to Student Rights and Responsibilities policyyou must send all emails to MacEwan University faculty and staff from your student account.

Access GMail through

The MacEwan Card Photo ID

The MacEwan Card is the official student identification and library card. Get your card from the library before classes start.


You can search for your textbooks online. To find the correct text books, you must know the courses and sections you are enrolled in. You can see which sections you are enrolled in on myStudentSystem.

You can purchase your books online or buy them at the bookstore on campus.

The deadlines listed in the academic schedule for adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses are strictly adhered to. Non-attendance in a course does not constitute a withdrawal from the course.

Before the add/drop deadline

You can make changes to your course schedule on myStudentSystem and these changes will not appear on your academic transcript.

After the add/drop deadline and prior to the withdrawal deadline

To withdraw from a course during this time, do so online using myStudentSystem.
You will receive a "W" on the course which does not affect your GPA. If you withdraw from a course that is a prerequisite for another course you are registered in, you must also withdraw from the subsequent course.

Please review important information about course withdrawals and always check the academic schedule.

After the withdrawal deadline

No changes can be made to your academic record. You will receive a final grade in your courses based on work completed, and this final grade will be included in your GPA.

Get set up for success!

MacEwan has many resources to help you succeed in your studies. Don't wait until you are having problems to take advantage of these resources. Check the list of Campus Support areas.

Campus Support

Final exams

Exam Schedule

Exam schedules are posted outside of the bookstore and online shortly before exams begin. The exam schedule can change during the term. You should consult your instructors as well as the posted exam schedule prior to the exam period for any changes. It is your responsibility to know when and where your final examinations are scheduled and to arrive on time.

Final Exam Deferrals

Requests for deferred final exams are considered only when you miss final examinations due to acceptable extenuating circumstances such as illness accompanied by a signed note from a doctor, death in the family, serious family crisis, accident, etc. You must request a deferred exam no later than 2 business days after the missed examination. Permission to defer a final exam is not automatically granted by submitting a request.

If you need to request a deferral for a midterm exam or assignment, talk to your instructor.

Academic support services

Get extra help when you need it. Whatever you choose to study, we have the learning spaces and academic supports you need to succeed.