Animal Ethics

The Animal Research Ethics Board approves animal-use protocols, reviews proposals for projects that involve live animals and oversees the post-approval monitoring of animal-use protocols. Application reviews are guided by the policies and guidelines established by the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

Research that involves animal subjects must be approved by the Animal Research Ethics Board (AREB). Proposals can be submitted anytime, but work on projects cannot begin until after an ethics proposal has been approved.

If your scholarly activity requires AREB approval, take these steps to ensure the success of your application.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and the Animal Research Ethics Board (AREB) require that all research, teaching and training involving animals must undergo the following two distinct and separate reviews and approvals prior to the use of animals:

  1. Peer review for scientific (research) or pedagogical (teaching or training) merit
  2. Ethics review by the AREB

Projects funded by major external granting agencies are considered to have undergone successful peer review during the granting process. Contact to determine if you require this step.

Before submitting an AREB application, you should be familiar with MacEwan University policies and documents related to the ethical treatment of live animals. The following documents are provided to assist you in developing a successful AREB application.

The AREB acts in accordance with guidelines, policies and associated documents established by the Canadian Council of Animal Care (CCAC). The CCAC assesses MacEwan’s animal care and use program every three years. The most recent assessment was conducted in March 2017.

The following standard operating procedures promote the highest standards of practice in research, teaching and testing involving animals.

Number Title
100 Submission of Applications for Ethical Review
103 Ethical Review of Applications
105 Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Modifications and Renewals
106 Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): General
107 Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): Site Visits
108 Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): Protocol Audits
109 Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): Non-Compliance and Response
110 Withdrawal or Suspension of AREB Approval
RS 111 Appeals of AREB Decisions
112 Development and Submission of Project Specific SOPs
113 Animal-Based Research Collaboration

Additional SOPs related to board administration are available on request.


The AREB meets on the following dates to review applications. Applications can be submitted at any time using the online submission system, ROMEO. However, to be eligible for review at a meeting, applications must be received by the deadline indicated. You can expect to hear from the board with its decision within five business days of the meeting.

Meeting date Submission deadline
September 12, 2023 August 29, 2023
October 3, 2023 September 19, 2023
November 7, 2023 October 24, 2023
December 5, 2023 November 21, 2023
January 15, 2024 January 2, 2024
February 12, 2024 January 29, 2024
March 18, 2024 March 4, 2024
April 15, 2024 April 1, 2024
May 27, 2024 May 13, 2024
June 17, 2024 June 3, 2024

Apply for AREB approval using the online system ROMEO. 

MacEwan University faculty

If you are a MacEwan faculty member, log in to the research portal using your MacEwan ID and password.


MacEwan University students and external researchers

If you are a student or external researcher, you need to register for a ROMEO account before logging in.


The AREB committee is comprised of membership according to the Terms of Reference.

Number of Members Role/Position Member Status
1 Chairperson Selected and appointed by AVPR
1 Vice-Chairperson Selected and appointed by AVPR
1 Animal Care Coordinator Ex-officio
1 Research Ethics Officer Ex-officio
1 Health, Safety and Environment Ex-officio, consulting role
1 Consulting Veterinarian Ex-officio
1 Back-Up Consulting Veterinarian Ex-officio
1-2 Community Members External, no university affiliation
2-4 Faculty members, animal care and use experience Selected and appointed by AVPR
1-2 Faculty members, no animal care and use Selected and appointed by AVPR
1-2 Student Representative(s) Selected and appointed by SAMU

See the Terms of Reference for appointment process, member responsibility committee structure and functioning.


MacEwan University’s online ethics application system, ROMEO, supports you throughout your project, from submitting and modifying your application to renewing and closing your study. Applications can be submitted anytime.

Proposals that were reviewed and approved prior to the implementation of the ROMEO system in August 2017 have been uploaded for you. These projects are managed within this new system.

The following guides explain the application process and help you manage your project after it has been approved:

How to access ROMEO

If you are a MacEwan faculty or staff member, and it is your first time submitting an application, please register for ROMEO by completing the registration form. Once your registration has been processed, you can log in to the Research Portal using your MacEwan ID and password.

If you are a student or external researcher, you need to register for a ROMEO account before logging in.

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